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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by neoterixx, Jan 29, 2003.

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    I noticed AOL 8.0 has the new companion that sits in your taskbar to tell you when you have mail, and the wonderful thing is you don't need to have AOL open to use it. Its some kind of added proggie. So Im thinking Is there something like this available for MiCrosoft Outlook that tells you how much mail you have or when you get new mail without actually opening up the program ? Thanks :)
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    There should be many others . .
    TrueLaunchBar and Samurize both have this feature.
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    jus use Aol:p 8.0 rocks compared 2 previous versions:cool:
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    your missing the point, I don't want to open aol mail, I want my outlook mail!
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    I use jetMailMonitor. You can add up to 50 pop-accounts and you can let it check if you press a hot-key or an interval. You can also add a e-mailaddress to a blocklist to automatically delete SPAM-mail. If you wish, a popup window pops up when new mail has arrived, showing the titles and e-mailadresses. Also you can view the contents of the mail and elete it of you do not wish to receive it. If you want to startup outlook (or whatever you use), just click the 'launch email client' button.

    Download and info: jetMailMonitor
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    Might as well say jus set your computer on fire it rocks compared to pissing and s#!tting on it. AOL is EVIL! EVIL! EVIL!
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    har :D :p :D
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    Hahahahahah, you said AOL. ;)
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    I might be missing the point, too, but this might be what you want IF you have an AOL account:


    (please don't get me wrong, AOL sucks, I only used it as an ISP for 2 month from a hotel room because it was free! after uninstalling AOL I had to reinstall XP because the xp dialup software stopped working).

    EJ :blink: