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Two IP's for the same card on Win2k3 svr?

Electronic Punk

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I wouldn't have thought so. Not something I have seeb,
Use 2 NICs, makes my head hurt less.

But then there are virtual lans...


Woah.. I'm still here?
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brainstorm said:
A quickie one...
It is posible to asign two different ip's for the same network card on Windows 2003 Server?

Quick Answer: yes
Slightly longer answer: yes. Easily if you are using static IP's.. not as easy if you are using DHCP.

your followup questions is probably how..

The short answer to how: The same way you do it on XP, and 2000..

The longer answer for how:
Go into the network card properties,
Go to the properties of your TCP/IP protocol,
Set to use a static IP and assign the first IP address info (IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway, etc)
Then click the advanced button. The top box will have your list of assigned IP address.. click Add and enter your 2nd (or 3rd, 4th, etc..) IP information.

edit: Just out of curiosity, why? There are some very valid reasons to do this, but usually if you have a good reason to do it, you already know how to do it..

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