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Two Hard Drives



ok i have one hard drive on my pc but want to connect another one two. do i need a dual ide cable or is there 2 slots on the hard drive contoller??

what shall i do?
IDE cables have 3 connects each; one for the motherboard; the other two for the hard drives. Unless you have a dell; sometimes their IDE's have 1 connector, you're all set.

Make sure the drive speed is the same on the line; otherwise; both drives will be running at the slower drive's speed.

To avoid this; set your drive to another IDE channel.
If you have an IDE control card; you can add a 3rd. Or a 4th. Or more :p

Also; I don't know about you; but on my PC; on the mobo;
I have IDE1, IDE2, IDE3, and IDE4.

Can't use 3 or 4 though; that is for RAID I suspect :D
That's interesting. They don't show up in the BIOS; but I never really tried connecting anything to them; maybe I should try one of my old WD drives, the 200MB kind:)

Doctor Who

You'll need to enable the RAID controller in CMOS, but once thats done they can be used as normalIDE controllers for HDD's.

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