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tweakxp 1.28v


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updated to the v1.28 of tweak xp rebooted like xp wanted and when the desktop came back up it del the prog...tried several times same results...has anyone else come across this....I even del any leftovers in the reg...reinstalled downloaded the update installed same issue.what gives:confused: :mad:


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well did alittle morpheus shopping and got v1.25 full registered copy (no trial cracks here)...and then went to update it and installed then reboot and BAM was gone. WTF!


i wouldnt know cuz i dont use it, but maybe it checks the server if you are using a valid regcode or something like that and if you aren't it uninstalls the program. If you like it that much (i dont)..just buy it or use the older version


Originally posted by ZAnwar
do you know, where I can get cracks for any version of Tweak XP ?
that's not what this board is for...take it elsewhere please;)
yeah, watch what you talk about here guys, these boards are monitored and you will get banned for giving out cracks or warez or anything like that.......this is not a warez site.....there are plenty of other message boards out there if you want to get that kind of information..........posts like that could get this site shut down, and you would have plenty of pissed off xp users coming after you......waddy'd prolly kill you himself, heh

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Please don't post links to crack sites, tho Tweak-XP is a pain to crack and anyway, any posted serials will be blacklisted.


Nicely done guys. That's just the way we handle "cracking" questions over at the tweakxp forums.


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This is from Totalidea web site

Some words on piracy and illegal serial numbers / license files:

Do not to use any illegal serial code / license files or 'cracks' to unlock the trial version of Tweak-XP. Tweak-XP might run with such license files or cracks and it might look like it's unlocked, but Tweak-XP does definitely not work propperly and might cause problems to your system when it was modified or when an illegal license file is used to unlock the trial version. A legal licence key becomes part of the program itself as it contains some exported code the registered version needs to run propperly.
This is just a warning: we cannot (and of course we will not) guarantee that the software works without any problem when an illegal key was used. If Tweak-XP and/or Windows XP crashes, blame the people you received the illegal key from and not us. Don't cheat us and the software will work as expected!


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Good luck trying to crack Tweak-XP. TotalIdea has a very good system in place for all their programs. I could give details, but I didn't pay 20 bucks for nothing.

Yes, you might be able to find a cracked version, but good luck upgrading.

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