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ok i plan to start tweaking my system. i would like to know if there are any adverse effects to applying most if not all these tweaks. do these tweaks really work? thank you in advance.
thanks. i plan on tweaking for overall system performance and program speed. also what can i do to make my internet connection faster or seem faster? im trying to figure out a custom cablenut setting and i might add fastnet32. thanks for the replies.

Perris Calderon

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fastnet will speed internet surfing on just about everyone, internet, but it will not affect downloads.

the default cablenut settings can increase your download and upload speed, but not much.

go to dsl reportsfor great solutions to manual configuration.

as I said, don't expect a huge uplaod and download improvement nomatter what you do.
if my download cap is 1 meg how much would this be in kpbs or what ever measure that cablenut needs to configure. thanks for the replies so far.

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