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Tweaking Xp



Hi, new to site, so forgive me if asking stupid ?'s

Spent today trying to tweak my system, is it just me or is tweaking a complete waste of time?

Everything I tweaked did'nt make any difference at all.

Geforce 2 PRO tweak - made 3dmark2000/1 lower benchmark.

Downloaded 'bootvis' - seemed to boot up with very high brightness on monitor, then the monitor switched otself off!!!

(SYSTEM: Athlon 1.1Ghz, 512 Meg, Geforce 2 Pro gfx)
tweaking is certainly not a waste..as for your bootvis question that was the result of something else, bootvis does not adjust the monitor in anyway as far as I know...and tweaking of your system can take alot of time and work not some generic tweaks and it depends on what your trying to accomplish exactly

some tweaks help some help in some areas and take awya from others, it all depends what tweaks you are using and what you are trying to use them for
There are 2 tweak programmes out there that are XP specific which I recomend:

CustomizeXP at:

and Tweak-XP

Both come with comprehensive help and guidance and are very good.
Customize, tho', makes suggestions as you go which I find very useful, especially where the internet tweaks are concerned.

Both are shareware, so you can play with them both for 30 days or so while you choose which is best.

Hope í've been of some help.

ta ta


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