Tweak-XP PRO v2.0 OUT



TWEAK-XP PRO v 2.0 OUT TODAY (one day early)

Re-designed User Interface

New 'Windows XP Sidebar' design

Much faster startup of Tweak-XP

New feature: Registry Cleaner

New feature: DiscDrive Doctor

New feature: Internet Cache Inspector

New feature: RAM DiscDrive

New feature: Hide programs from the startmenu

New feature: ClearType configuration

New feature: Clear 'Recent files'

New feature: Autoshutdown

New System Information subfeature: BIOS information

New 'Utilities' category

New: Tweak-XP access Tweak-XP from the control panel

Completely redesigned 'System folders' feature

Re-designed 'Cache tweaks'

Re-designed CPU tweaks + P 4m tweak added

New tweak: adds 'Copy' and 'Paste' context menus

New tweak: adds 'Encryption' context menu

New tweak: optimize Windows XP 'Prefetcher' settings

New ISP tweaks: Optimum and Juno

Re-coded 'Internet History' feature

Re-coded 'Cookies' feature

lots of code optimizations = much faster performance

better resource management: saves almost 4MB RAM

updated language files

updated help file

several changes to the installer

(also updated Minimizer-XP and Trans-XP for Aug. 30th)

Electronic Punk

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Doesn't look like it has anything that new over previous versions..

Has some kind of disk checker..

I usually just use this app, make the changes then uninstall it.


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its a bit cheeky :-(
it cancelled all my previous restore points ????
apart from that its good for 60 days & 30 uses


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