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TV-Tuner/Video Capture Card


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I would like one of these in my pc, dont kno wmuch about them but would like to learn. Can i use this if i have direct tv? If i have ine can i watch tv on my pc (with and without recording?).....


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You can use direct TV if you want, you just run it through a single channel and use the box to change channels like on a regular tv.

You can use it to watch tv on your pc as well, recording or not, your call.

Hauppauge and Ati make some of the best tv tuners.


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USB means you can use with anything, including notebooks.

PCI typically has more features at cheaper price.

Your call.


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Sazars right - if you want some personal detailed opinions from a UK user - I have Winfast PCI cards (two off) and Haupage USB....

Get back with your needs and any further info you may need... Because what you plan on doing with it affects useage and choice (EG if recording TV in any quantity you'll need plenty HD space....)

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