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tv script


.:: FTPAlex ::.
all i need is a java script or html script which could show me what is on tv on UK channels

i would be really greatful thank you

:( sincerly Alex :cool:


Ok what program is being used to have a desktop like that? And if it is a program does it hurt your resources at all? I was also wondering how to make my own? I know I can make a html file and use it as my desktop but I am wondering how to incorporate things that are on my computer like systems resources into the html file? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


.:: FTPAlex ::.
samurize and coolmon are suposedly suposed to be good for that kind of thing with the system resources. However, from what ive been told, you cannot have HTML scripts to show your system recourses but i know that coolmon and samurize programs are good to show the system recourses right on your desktop background :)

Samurize website has been closed down for some reason ... can anyone clarafy this for me? :huh:

you can check out coolmon here:

Hope this helps.. oh and by the way, i dont think these programs are too bad with resources.. not too much used from them (anyone clarafy me on this too) :rolleyes:

Hope this helps you Budking

Sincerly Alex:cool:


Thanks for the help on that... I did a little more homework and found out that samurize is done for a few weeks to rebuild their program and website and should be up by next week. Thank you for your quick response and not I am going to try coolmon!
no problem budking :D

I think ill actually get Samurize when it is re-released.. saves me from asking for a UK TV script :p

Lemme know how you get on budking with your findings :happy:

l8rz dude :cool:

sincerly Alex:cool:


I have totally gotten CoolMon to work and it is so frigin cool... I have a Counter-Strike Server as well as my friend and I can see everything right on the desktop as well as sports scores and weather and other stuff. Thank you for the great info. I may try Samurize when it comes out. I am next to try the TV script seems a little more involved then I want to do right now, gonna try that tomorrow! Thanks for the help and I also got Windows Longhorn running on my other computer (beta 4008) pretty comparable to XP except for the side bar and a few minor differences, so if you are thinking of downloading don't! Not worth it yet! Well gotta run and thanks for all of the help Alex.
:p thanx for the info Budking,

I think ill stick with my Windows XP until either the offical release comes out of Longhorn or maybe not even get Longhorn :huh:

I dont supose you could send me a screenshot of your work on Coolmon desktop.. im thinking of which to get.. either Samurize or Coolmon.. im not sure which is better

Thanx for your help

Sincerly Alex :cool:

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