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Dec 16, 2001
I have an Nvidia Graphics card with TV out. I have downloaded the latest drivers, but I cannot see any options for TV out. I have tried just plugging in a Cable to the TV out socket and plugging it into my TV but nothing happens. I thought that this may be an option if anything happens to my monitor again, mine went US a couple of weeks ago. Any advice please. Oh and sorry for posting my Cable question on the wrong forum, my mistake.


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Dec 16, 2001
Thanks Leo, I had tried that. I did exactly as they said. However I didn't get a picture on my TV,, and when I reconected to my Monitor, it wouldn't boot past the start graphics, it just went black. Fortunately I had made a Ghost Disc set yesterday, and I re installed that, and it reverted my Graphicvs back to the XP drivers I had installed prior to updating with the Nvidia drivers. I think I'll just leave the XP drivers for now, as they don't appear to be giving me any trouble.


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May 8, 2002
you don't have any refresh rate fixes installed, do you? my tv-out doesn't work unless everything's at the default 60hz.


What card do you have?

I have G4 Prowler MX 420 Plus 64 meg DDR w/ TV Out and just recently hooked up the TV Out. My card only has SVideo out, but it came w/ an adapter to use RCA.

I had a lot of problems getting Nvidia's nView to install correctly and once I did I still had some trouble with the TV out and video.

By using the online help @ I was able to determine that in order for video to work on the TV, the TV must be set as the default monitor (at least for the duration of the video). This is no problem w/ PowerDVD because I can keep the controls on my monitor and send the video to the TV, but it is a pain in the arse w/ WMP, Quicktime etc.

I doubt this has helped you in any way Cap......sorry.

But now I got some related questions...

I didn't see anything about VIVO on the site (when I originally checked -- no time now, at work), would this make it so that I don't need to switch my TV to default each time I want to watch a movie on my TV? It is a bit of a hassle as it is currently set...

Also, no matter what I do, I cannot get zMud to work on my TV whether it is set as default or not....if you're not familiar, zMud is a telnet MUD (Multi User Dungeon) client and it would be really nifty to be able to sit on my couch w/ my new wireless keyboard/mouse and play as opposed to sitting at my desk. the outer window for the app shows up, but the telnet window is always blank on the TV. If I have the TV set as default, I can't even recall it to my monitor b/c it is also blank there...only solution, set monitor as default and play there....blah! There's gotta be a way around that.

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