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Tv Out & Hd Tv


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I have a Nvidia Geforce 7900GT 256MB video card that had TV OUT.

I have a 50" Sony Wega 1080i KDFE5810 HD TV.

What do I need, and what do I need to do to hook this computer up to this tv. I want to play Hellgate London this weekend on a big ass screen.

I read an article that s-video does not work? Is that correct, if it does work is it safe, and wont break my computer or tv.
I could not find that part number but the wega 1080i 50 inch se says it has svideo and composite video inputs so you shouold be able to hook it to your PC vid card with no risk.

You won't get hi def quality but you will gte big screen.

We need the manufacturer and model number of the vid card to find out what it can do. Video cards usually (except for some ATI) have seperate TV chips that determine their capability.


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I don't know the part number for the video card, if need be I will take it out.

On the back there are only 3 places to plug anything into, the 2 digital normal pc to monitor connections, and one that I assume is S-video that says TV-Out, so it can't do more then what it allows there right?

If i was to plug in a S-video into the back of my card, and then into my tv, does it just automaticly shows what my computer is doing, or do I need to do more?


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With my ati, i ran an s-video cable to my tv and right clicked on the desktop properties and enabled the other monitor. Its max res is 1024x768.
I prefer this option. When I got my new HDTV I used a DVI to HDMI cable to run from the monitor port on the video card to the tv and turned up the res. this configuration doesn't need a tv-out card and the res is much better. If your card doesn't support DVI or your TV doesn't do HDMI you can use a VGA cable provided your tv has VGA in. This way the TV, for all intents and purposes, is a computer monitor.


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nah... dvi-d is digital... theres also dvi-a, which is analog and dvi-i which can be both

u can check the different connectors here


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I am going to get the needed cable, but this weekend I want to do this.

So you are saying I can NOT get high resolutions with s-video.....?


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Who lied? lol

I just tried plugging an s-Video cable into the TV-Out port on my videocard, its not the right kind>?????

well they kinda do, they go in, i think, but aren't tight in there. I read a 7pin connection can support the 4pin connector....true?
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Well today I'm going to buy a DVI-I Dual Link - HDMI cable today, and going to enjoy playing Guild Wars on the big big screen.

Then next monday getting new ram and maybe a vid card!!!!! After that, going back to Vista.


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I plugged in the DVI-HDMI into my computer, and have the HDTV as the main screen.

Yet, the taskbar is not on the screen, and some of the buttom is gone as well.. And the refresh rate looks like crap.

Whats the deal?


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Go into setup for the tv and look for the aspect ratio that the tv is set to. You will have (if it's anything like my LG plasma) 4:3, 16:9, Horizon, Zoom1, Zoom2. If I remember correctly one of the last 3 settings will cut off part of what is displayed on your tv on the top and/or bottom. You may also have to reset your refresh rate through your pc and also set it to tv or whatever the setting is through your vid card to view through the tv to get everything looking fine.

Hope some of this helps.


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I did go through all TV settings, and nothing helped it.

I also could not change the refresh rate on the computer (had to be 60) and I tried other things from the computer, no settings for TV, just enable second monitor and thats it. I couldn't figure it out....

*edit, I don't know if this matters, but when I disconnected the TV, and just had my monitor, all video files had a layer of color over it. I made sure it wasn't the player, or the file. I restarted and it's fine. I assume it had something 2 do with the TV, but don't know what it was. Maybe it matters.
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mm.. wait... if u had the tv connected with the dvi i think the settings that matter are 2nd monitor, not tv out

u should set the res, refresh rate of that one

and... mm, yeah some stuff get cut out sometimes... select the resolution to the one that matches the one from the tv
if it isnt available, then the closest.. and u prolly can tweak the horizontal/vertical position from your tv's menu


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When I was trying to figure out why it wasn't working, I made the TV my main monitor and removed my normal monitor totally. It still did the same thing, I couldn't find any settings on the tv to change the position, or size. Maybe I should look harder.

But should it not just adjust automaticly like monitors?


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I found that with mine, I had to change the picture mode on my tv to "dot by dot" rather then stretch or smart stretch(stretches sides rather then the middle).
I also told my computer to set a res of 1920x1080 and the refresh rate was changed to 30 to reflect a 1080i signal.
Despite the fact that my tv supports 1080p, if i tell my pc to use a refresh rate of 60 i get a messed up picture.


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My TV is a 1080i TV, could the DVI-HDMI cable I used be 1080p (didn't say on package) and would that made a difference? I changed all those settings on my TV, just to see what would change, and nothing.

It really makes no sense to me.


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mm... well, first, tv dont normally auto adjust that way... (i mean, maybe some do, idk)

and.. well, the cable supports up to a certain resolution, but it isnt set to any particular one... that is up to the devices...

u think u can tell us what options u got in ur tv's menu? (skip all the video and audio ones...)

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