Turning a computer into a server, I have a few questions


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Hey guys,

I am going to be inheriting a new computer from someone, and I decided I am going to turn that into a server. Here's what I'm going to be using it for:

  • Set it up so that my computer and my sister's computer can each access our own directories so that we can use that for backups.
  • Possibly setup a Dual Boot situation between Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000.
  • Use it as an FTP server.
  • Possibly make this a domain controller.

As well as some other things. I have a few questions I'd like to ask, so whomever can answer what, please let me know. :)

  • How can I setup a Dual Boot situation between Windows 2000, and Windows XP Professional?
  • As I stated, I want to set it up so that my sister can access one directory for backing up things. I don't want her to be able to access any other directory. How can I set it up so that she will have access to a set directory, and can't access others? I don't want to have to set her up on a domain for that...
  • I use DynDNS. I have DynDNS on my current computer. I want to assign a DynDNS address to the server. How can I set it up so that one address will allow access to one computer, and another address will access the other, even though it's the same IP address??? That's one thing I need to accomplish. :p
  • I want to sort of make this a dummy machine. I want to only have the power cord and an ethernet cord hooked up to it, and then access it using VNC... is that possible? How can I set it up so that the post won't be interrupted due to lack of Mouse and Keyboard?

I think that's it... I will probably have a few more questions, but those are the main things I'm worried about, especially the dyndns part and the directory access, hehe.



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I have done something similar. If u can network them together, then remote desktop with suffice. I have a spare PC in my attic room running as my server, networked to my main rig on the first floor. The attic PC has no monitor (on loan to my bro), but I can access it no problem using a remote desktop connection.

1. Buy a router [edit]Use your router!![/edit] - negates a lot of headaches, plus you can route (or forward) your internet traffic to port 80 on the server.
2. Use XP with Apache - you don't need a dual boot for a server. It's going to be on all the time right? - You could even go the linux route, but that's harder to set up IMO.
3. If you used XP, use Remote Desktop connection, so you don't need a monitor on your server. You can also set permissions on folders so your sis can only access one folder - easy!
4. You could also map network drives and share printers/drives/folders on each others pcs if you really wanted.
5. If you go into the BIOS (press del or some other key while booting) turn off everything under "Halt On" or something to that effect.

All in all - it was a good experience in setting up a small network. Any more questions, let me know!


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So can someone explain to me how I can set it up so that only Lisa can access the Lisa directory, where as Dan can access the Dan Directory [Dan is my computer, I.E. Me, I have no need to access her files from my computer because I can just connect to the server and do that]...

How can I set that up? We're all using Windows XP Professional, I know I'm on Service Pack 2... The server will be as well. I don't see any advanced tab when sharing a folder on my computer, nor do I see a way to set which users, local or network, can access certain directories. Little help?

Any word on the DYNDNS thing?



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Have u turned off simple file sharing?
My Computer>Tools>Folder Options>View>Uncheck use simple file sharing.
Next Right click on the folder you are going to share>Properties>Sharing>Share This Folder>Permissions
Here you can add/remove users and the type of access they are allowed.
As for the dyndns thing - can you be as specific as assigning ports?


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Ok, I undid the simple filesharing thing. Now, when you're doing the whole locations thing for the users, and you want to find all of the users... when I did it, it only showed DAN... I didn't see anything else under locations. Is it possible to select people on another machine in say, the same workgroup? Because that's what I'm going to be accomplishing.

I don't know about the port specific thing., I was looking for DirectUpdate to see if it had those kind of options, however I didn't see anything that was like, port specific or Internal IP Specific to the computer that it is currently being used on... so I haven't the faintest idea. I was hoping that someone reading this would know.

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