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Turbo Tax



Hey All, I have heard some stories about Turbo Tax installing unseen software on your system which is almost impossible to uninstall, as well as some services that you can not dissable. Has anyone else heard of this and, if so, can you direct me to where I might read up on this? I have used Turbo Tax for the past few years but this is the first I have heard of anything like this.


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"doesn't work in Win XP!" CS on 08-Mar-2002 05:52:17 am
Intuit just doesn't seem to be able to (or care to) deliver decent quality. I've been able to live with it in the past, but this year's turbo tax takes the cake. The CD version installed and worked fine on my Win XP machine, but the last two downloaded updates just plain don't work on XP: 1040 shows income of $0, standard deductions, although the W2 and Sch A numbers are there and were working before the download. (I'm a software guy, so rest assured that I've checked this out quite thoroughly. It ain't me, and it ain't the data, and it ain't my computer running out of resources.) The brilliant tech support guy suggested I delete the update, since it clearly wasn't working for me. Gosh, why didn't I think of that! I've submitted bug reports, but there seems to be no effort on the company's part to actually live up to its advertised claim to support XP. (Microsoft, are you listening?)

"Internet Explorer 5.0 and 6.0 Users BEWARE" pjmey on 12-Feb-2002 06:42:16 am
I have been a long time user of TurboTax. NEVER AGAIN. While loading TurboTax 2001 from CD it force loaded (without asking me yes or no) IE 5.5 . This load terminated abnormally and clobbered my Windows 98 system. When I tried to reboot, my system would not come up due to page faults in explorer.exe module. I'm running IE 5.0 as my browser and would never casually load a new version of Internet Explorer because of all the hooks into the WIN98 OS. I was not given a choice with TurboTax. I called their help desk and they were NO HELP. After 12 hours on the phone over two days with Microsoft support I was finally able to get my system back by RELOADING WINDOWS 98. While on the phone with MS support I asked if other people were having this problem. My tech said he had worked with a couple of IE 6.0 users who were fouled up because of the forced download of a backlevel (5.5)IE. Intuit's force load of IE 5.5 with TurboTax is unconscionable. They should be forced to recall all CDs that force load IE 5.5 before a lotof other people get burned. I'm sure the only reason that Intuit did it this way was to get revenue from MS to the peril of their customers. NO APPLICATION should force a browser decision. Period.

"Internet Explorer, BLEH!" Anonymous on 19-Jan-2002 05:52:15 pm
I have used and appreciated TurboTax for 3 years. Imagine my shock this year when I installed TT, only to note that it automatically installed Internet Explorer. As I always do when I see Internet Explorer, I immediately uninstalled it. When I started TT, it would not run without IE. Their customer support site explains that you can "uninstall it after you file your taxes". Heck with that! I don't like being forced to use another browser. See what happens when the feds let up on Microsoft!

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