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True temp?



I have a Soyo KT333 Dragon Plus with an AMD XP 1900+. I have placed a temp sensor, underneath the CPU heatsink next to the "chip" but not on top of it.

I also installed the software, "SmartGuardian", which tells the CPU temp and such. I did this to see if both, the LED and "Smart" display the same temp. They do not. Now the LED displays the CPU temp being 39.5 C (with side of case off), 45 C (with side of case on). "Smart" displays the temp being 42 C (with side of case off), 47 C (with side of case on). My question is: Which is displaying the correct or most accurate temp?
The instrument or program that gives the CPU core temperature reading through the motherboard sensor (in your case, SmartGuardian) is your most accurate and true temperature.


That's what I figured. Is there any way to have the LED display the same readout?

Also, need some tips to cool my system down more. I'm really not impressed with my case (Lian-Li) and I don't want to buy another case for about a year. lol
If you were able to somehow embed the LED lead into the core of the chip and somehow plug it back in it could be done although, this would not be wise (the chip would not like this kind of aggressive modding). Cooling tip? Get some fans that transfer decent CFM's.
About your Lian-li case: I got one too, and like you, wasn't too impressed with the cooling properties. I have the one with 5 fans: 2 in back (exhaust), 2 in front(intake), and 1 on top(exhaust). I removed the two 3.5" bay "blanks" under the floppy and it really helped case airflow. So, I kept them off then made a screen and attached it the the opening (mainly to keep my son from inserting objects into it, I found cheese curls in the floppy drive one day: I learned my lesson.) It looks good and makes the case about 3-5 degrees cooler.


Smartgardian is the biggest piece of junk that Soyo has ever put out. Not sure which version you are using but the earlier versions of it put a 100% load on the CPU whenever it was running. Also a temp probe properly placed is far more accurate than any software monitoring program. I would trust you LCD readout and remove Smartgardian from your system. If you really want software monitor use MBM5


scriptasylum - Sounds like a good idea, but all my 3 1/4 bays are being used. 2 floppy drives and a zip drive.

dadx2mj - the lastest version on the Soyo website. I merely downlaoded it for comparsion purposes.

SnookBooger - Mind providing a link? I'll try it and see if the readings match up.

Currently I have 2 Enermax Adjustable 8CM cooling fan (3000 RPM) in the front of the case. They are the only ones in the front and the air has to pass 3 hard drives. There is 1 Enermax Adjustable 8CM cooling fan (3000 RPM) in the rear and one (3000 RPM) in the top. Also my heatsink, I believe to be complete garabge, is a GLOBALWIN's CAK-II 38. Thinking of changing it to a Thermaltake VOLCANO 9 or Swiftech MCX462-BU w/ (don't know which fan yet).
Not to knock your fans but, they bite.! Go with Swiftech and a Delta 80 CFM fan. It's loud, but it's moving serious CFMs. Your intake and exhaust fans should move 45CFM+ to move air around any obstructions and be effective. Delta's are work-horse fans (they push and they don't complain).


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I have 3 Lian Li cases and I have fitted an extra two 80mm ADDA fans to the side panels as intake fans directly over the CPU and video card.

I have also replaced all the other fans with ADDA 80mm, 50cfm high speed fans and that has helped to cool the cases down quite a bit. They move a lot of air and are not all that noisie.


Thanks Smokie. One more question, do the fans allow for adjustable speed/RPM monitoring (2 or 3 wire connection)? I looked at the site but didn't see anything about it. I also hope I can buy them in the US. :)

Added: Also do I want the 12UB or the 24UB? I know nothing about volatge and such. lol

Added: Motherboard Monitor and the BIOS both read the same temp as Soyo's program. There has to be a way to get a more accurate reading on the LED then a 2-5 degree difference.
The way to tell which fans pull the most air is to check the specs on how much amperage the fan actually draws. The more amperage requirement, the stronger the fan.:D


Snook - Both fans have the same specs as far as CFM and such. The voltage and all that are different. That is why I am asking which is the one I need, since I know that different countries have different voltage.


I believe the reason your software monitoring programs are reading cooler than you LCD is that they are taking their readings from a sensor under the CPU socket which is not touching the actual core of the CPU. If your temp probe is placed properly it is touching the core and therefore reads a higher and more accurate temp.


You read it backwards. The software program is reading higher then the LED. I'll post a pic, later, of the CPU and where the temp sensor is located on it.

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