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Trouble with transparency using uxtheme.dll


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I recently tried using a modified uxtheme.dll from here http://themes.belchfire.net/uxtheme_files/SP1/5.1.2600.1106.rar

Using WinXPro SP1. I can use almost all themes fine, with no problems. Kinda have two questions :x

First, I'm not sure why I can't get transparency to work on themes, such as http://themes.belchfire.net/themes_file-2048.html. Tried googling it and messsing with my video card settings, but I haven't been able to accomplish anything. I'd rather try to keep from using software on my system (ie starskin, stylexp, etc) :p

Second, I've noticed the skins come in two different types files: "Windows Visual Style File" and "Windows Theme File". The Visual Styles just seem to change the coloring of the current theme. Windows Theme files seem to do quite a bit more (plus I can access them through my Display properties). Anyway, is what I'm saying correct? :eek:

And is anything I said confusing? I'm not usually very good at explaining thigns :X


OSNN One Post Wonder
Is there anything special I need for transparency? Maybe some video card setting I need to change? I honestly can't seem to get transparency to work with any theme or visual style.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Y'z Shadow

Ah, I found out what I needed. In the screenshots I've seen from others, they use a program called Y'z Shadow :)


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You found it before I got here, but you are correct that Y'z Shadow is necessary for the transparency. A VS or theme can't do that on its own.

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