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Trouble with Themes & Changing Appearance



I’m really at a lost here feeling ridiculously stupid & frustrated. For months & months now I have been trying to download different themes onto my computer & have not had any success at all. Repeatedly, I’ve tried downloading what I think is the right patch (PatchXPsp1, I have Windows XP Version 2002) I need, I downloaded multiply themes from www.belchfire.net & when I tried to run them NOTHING appears in my Display Properties window. It’s like the PatchXPsp1 isn’t working or something & believe me I’ve tried this many times; I’d try, give up for a few weeks, & then go back & try it all over again just to get myself all frustrated. I love the idea of change themes & there’re some really neat ones out there, but either it’s something in this machine that be known to me is prevent me from changing & getting new themes <or> I just don’t get it?

So I thought, screw it I’ll create my own theme by changing some things under Appearance – Advanced – Item in the Display Properties Window. It was here that I learned that certain Items that I attempted to make changes in would not take when I clicked “Apply” & could someone maybe tell me why? The “Desktop” color did change, the “Selected Item” color did change, & the “Tooltip” color did change, however the “3D Object” & “Active title Bar” color will NOT change. I was wonder if anyone here may have any suggestions or what am I doing wrong?

Ideally I’d like to figure out why I can’t run new themes on my computer, but maybe I should surrender lol. At least I would like to know why I’m being limited in manually making changes to my desktop appearance.

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Firstly what you are looking for are not themes but styles. Have a look at ones you have downloaded for a file 'msstyles'. If you can't find it you have the wrong ones for the patch to work. Try over at ThemeXP. Look for 'visual styles'. Download one & see how you go when you click on the 'msstyle' file. If you want to know more look here>


Tried ThemeXP


I did some looking around on ThemeXP & somehow by accident I downloaded 2- files that were Windows Themes Files which worked on my computer, but I had to switch back to Windows Classic Style view. I have no idea where i downloaded them from the ThemeXP site or how i got them. Anyhow, All of the other Visual Style Files that I randomly downloaded were not msstyle file & i really don't know how to tell until I download & unzip the files.

I don't know how much patience you may have with me; am I not able to use any Visual Style Files? You kindly told me to look for ones that are msstyles, but i'm (stupidly) am not sure how to detect them without downloading it first. I must sound like a true idiot here... How are all of these other people able to use Visual Styles with XP have no troubles?

Thanks for any help that you can offer me.


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