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Trialware timing

Seems like installed a trialware before (can't remember which one) which has that 15/30 days trial but now seems like some of my applications won't load because a message would say my time has expired.Tried changing the date and time but wouldn't work.Is there a way where I could detect that 'timing' application is still around in my PC ? Any help appreciated.Thanks.
No..no..no..its not that particular software that bugs me..its gone and uninstalled anyway..but its bothering some other applications...which is not on a trialware version...
sounds iffy.. explain which programs you installed..., then tell us how they affect the other programs, include error messages, and be very specific


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Sorry PC, I wasn't clear in understanding what you meant. I've never see trialware timings affect other programs, maybe the other program is made by the same company?

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