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Transferring Files Between HDD



I have a 'damaged' 40GB hdd partitioned to two 20GB partitions. One of the partitions which has OS installed has error and cannot be accessed. After using a startup disk [DOS], I managed to access the second partition which has all the files intact. I also deleted the first partition using fdisk.

Now, I installed a new 80GB hdd with Win XP Pro. I put the new hdd as the master and the old one as slave. The problem is the PC is so slow when booting up and hangs when I try to access the second partition. All I want is to transfer my files from the second partition to the new hdd. Any software ? Please help.

By the way, is it possible to copy all the files to the new hdd in DOS by using the startup disk ?

PS Sorry for the looong story.


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you probably should have loaded the recovery console in the 1st place, running the command's chkdsk /r fixmbr & fixboot normally fix errors like that. how did you "damage" them in the 1st place ?


1. What is a ghost floppy ?
2. Win XP Pro is only installed on the new hdd. The first partition of the old hdd is installed with Win Me. I don't know but the hdd will emit some kind of noise. I also got a 'Disk I/O Error' message.


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If the first HDD (the one with the problem) is making noise then the heads are probably toast. As for the system hangin, you could try to do a surface scan on the bad drive and it will mark out the bad sectors and then maybe you can access it as a slave. You could also try if XP still will not let you access the bad HDD, to format the first partition on the bad drive (after the surface scan) and then reboot and see if you can then get your files.

I had an IBM DeskStar do that to me and start making noises at boot up. Could not access and scan disk found lots of bad sectors. I then formatted the partition that had the OS (the bad partition) on it and I was able to access the other partition when mounted as a slave with a new HDD installed and XP on it.

Now if some of your files are on the main (c: drive) partition and the noise coming from the HDD is a mechanical problem, I don't know if you will be able to access them. :(


Talking of noise... I get the noise too at startup and then noise goes away after about a minute. Tried about 5 different HDD and still get the same noise.

Also, am using XP and whichever (of the 5) hard disk I use, sometimes, those dots which move in circles during startup goes on and on... never stops and I have to press the reset button and then its fine...

Could I be having a bad HDD?
Is there some way I could check it?

I do scandisk and defrags regularly, but since it takes long, I don't stay with the PC and have never been lucky enough to see the results :eek:



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What type/manufacturer of HDD are they? Are they new or used or just old HDDs?

Do a full surface scan to see if you have bad sectors. It will take a long time but it is worth it.

Are you sure the noise is coming from the Hard Drive(s) and not, maybe the power supply fan or a cooling fan in your computer case.

Also, are you using a HDD cooling fan? And check to see that the HDD is mounted firmly and not vibrating in the case.


You're right. Before that incident, Scandisk reported to me that there's a lot of bad sectors but it's impossible to do a surface scan now because the PC will hangs if I try to open any program.

Using fdisk, I try to format the partition but it couldn't get pass the 'Verifying disk integrity' stage. It'll go untill 99% before starting all over again. So, I'm looking for software to retrieve the files since all other methods failed.

Is there a way I can move all the files in DOS mode because I can only access the second partition [albeit waiting for a long time] through that way.

PS I'm still waiting for the 'ghost floppy' reply.

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