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Sorry if this is off topic but I'm going to get a new XP computer soon, and I wanted to know the easiest way of transferring files from my 98 machine. I've got a few GBs of files, but no CD Writer on the 98 machine. I'd prefer to avoid physically switching my old HD into the new machine.

Is there any free software around that would let me copy a directory from one machine to another, perhaps through my printer cable? If it takes a few hours, I don't mind.



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yeah do a little morpheus shopping and buy;) laplink gold 11.0 and you can just get a usb cable and transfer the stuff over the cable...oh actually doesn't windows come with a direct cable connect. don't know how to use it I use laplink


XP has built in data transfer capabilities via USB or Parallel

I prefer a 3rd party product (Laplink's PCSync)


Does that mean I can use my printer cable to connect both PCs and see my old Win 98 boot drive as a secondary drive on my XP system, then just shuffle files around in Win Explorer?


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you need a special lpt cable with the same ends on both sides or a usb cable with males on both ends...then you open the connect over cable and you will see 2 explorer windows and you just drag and drop the files to where ever you want them to go.
Just pull the hard drive out of your current computer stick it in the new one to transfer your data. Then you can put it back. No extra expense and it won't hurt your drive.
I see that now... didn't read all the way through. The new machine is likely to have an ethernet adapter already... get another ethernet card for the old machine and a crossover cable... then you can have your own little home network too. If you want to share your internet connection, and your connection requires the ethernet card, then buy another card for the new machine too. If you're on dial-up, then you should be ok (assuming the new machine has an ethernet card already).


I had a look through the manual for my old computer and it doesn't look easy to remove the hard drive, there are loads of screws to undo etc. I'd have to tell someone else to do it as I'm disabled so it would be too big a hassle. My new machine will have tool-free access which will be more convenient.

I think I'll end up buying a USB cable and connecting both PCs, and use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard on the XP disc to do what I need. I found a brief tutorial and it seems adequate and straightforward enough.


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