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Sir Alex Ferguson. is one of the guests of honour at the Miss World beauty pageant. During the interval all the guests and contestants are mingling over drinks. Sir Alex is besieged by three of the most beautiful women in the world.
Miss Venezuela pops the first question : Sir Alex, I admire your management skills and all you have achieved, Sir Alex acknowledges her flattering remark but she then lowers the left strap of her dress and reveals her left breast and says…“Can you autograph my left breast please” ?
Sir Alex, totally bemused duly obliges...
Miss Croatia pops the second question: “Sir Alex, I admire the way you play psychological games with your opponents even before you play them.
Sir Alex again acknowledges her flattering remark, and she then lowers the right strap of her dress, reveals her right breast and says. “Can you autograph my right breast please ?
Sir Alex again bemused, duly obliges...
Miss Argentina pops the third question: “Sir Alex, I admire the way you motivate your players and shield them as if they were your own sons.
Sir Alex again acknowledges this flattering remark, but she then turns round, lifts up her dress and reveals the fact that she is wearing no undies at all and says..."Can you autograph this please"
Sir Alex, totally gobsmacked by now says " No way sweetheart, the last time I signed an Argentinean bum, it cost me 28 million pounds !


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