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Transfer data from one computer to another.


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Newbie help read

I like to know how I can transfer huge amount of data from a computer to another. Basically the file is bigger than 1 cd can handle it.
I'll like to know how I can link my two pc togheter and transfer the date.
All help will be appreciatted.
thanks you in advance.

if they both have a networking card, you can buy a crossover cable and set up a little network, i can't really explain how to do it over the internet though ;p maybe someone else can


nero burning rom has a backup feature which can put one (or many) file onto many cds. (this is the easiest way, though long)

To connect two pcs directly you need a special network cable (a crossover cable) and you need to make a small network with just the two computers and then transferring the files is easy. (this can also be done with special usb cables: might be easier but i've never actually done it)


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usb cable sounds good. I m looking for a easy way (im lazy). Im wondering if PcAnywhere could also do the job?
Im looking foward more info with the usb cable.

bush dogg

What are the OS you are using windows has a files and settings transfer wizard that works nice and fast (did for me three times)
will work with serial cable, USB or network interface card (or network interface maybe on motherboard built in?) The info below came from microsoft help the links don't work I pulled it from my file.

from microsoft help

Connecting Your Computers
For the best experience using the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard, you will want to connect your two computers together. You can connect your computers either by using a null modem serial cable or by using Home networking.

Connecting With A Serial Cable
The easiest way to connect your computers is to use the null modem serial cable. To use the null modem serial cable:

Both computers must have an available serial port (also called a COM port).
You must have a null modem serial cable (also called a LapLink serial cable or a serial file transfer cable).
The serial cable must be long enough to connect the computers together.

Click here for additional information about connecting your computers using a null modem serial cable.

Connecting With Home Networking
The best way to connect your computers together is to use Home networking. Although the setup is more complex, your files and settings will transfer faster. If you are planning to keep both your old computer and your new computer, you might want to consider creating a Home network.

To use Home networking:

Both computers must have a network interface card or a USB network interface installed. The jack looks like a slightly larger telephone jack.
You must have network cable, and in most cases a hub.
The network cable must be long enough to connect the computers together.
Note: A wireless network will not need network cable or a hub.

Run the Network Setup Wizard to set up your Home network.

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the USB network costs about 3 times as much as 2 cheap network cards and a crossover cable.

USB = 10mb per sec, Network Cards = 100mb / sec


just get nero burning rom (a program you should have anyway in my opinion) and use the back up wizard. It's very straight forward from there.


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The easiest thing is to buy a crossover cable and hook the 2 PC's up. Nothing to it and the cable is like 5 bucks.


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Plug in the cables. Right click My computer > Computername > PC1 and then PC2

The default workgroup MSHOME is fine.

open up network connections, go to the LAN connection and select properties. Select TCP/IP and hit properties. Give PC1 an IP of and PC an IP of Use the subnet of for both. Share the info you want to transfer. Open network connections and transfer.


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belkin crossover cable

generic 50-foot crossover cable

just so you know what to look for. get whatever length you need. just plug each end into the ethernet port on each computer and look under 'my network places' for the other computer.

don't bother with the usb thing. it just creates another network adapter on each comp and would be the same as using the crossover cable only more expensive.
not unless you pop down to ur local small puter store and ask em to stick a new end on in crossover format ;)

i charge a £1 for the service. (aint got no ends left b4 u ask :p)

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