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Weekend DJ
All of a sudden this virus shows up in my boot sector... Cleaned my boot sector reformat and fresh install shows up again anyone have any info on this virus?


Weekend DJ
Wow, it's been a while since I've heard of someone's machine getting infected by a boot sector virus.
Any idea where it came from?
It started showing up when I installed new Catalyst Drivers for my video card. I cleaned my boot sector, wipe my drive clean reformat installed windows, installed antivirus installed all windows updates all was well then I installed drivers for my ati videocard and soundacard then antivirus program says I have a boot sector virus so one of the drivers may be the culprit...


Weekend DJ
Hello all I found the problem it was a motherboard chipset driver! After a fresh install no problem, as soon as I installed the driver my antivirus poped up with the boot sector virus. Uninstalled driver and all was good again, downloaded driver from an alternate site reinstalled and all is good again...
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