Toshiba laptop power supply question


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8 Jul 2002
Hi All,

I have a client's Toshiba A70 laptop withe me here.

What is happening with this is that when it is shut down, the power supply is recharging the battery, no problem.

But when I power up and run the laptop, it runs on battery alone until it dies, even with the power supply plugged in.

There is even a LED at the front of the unit telling me that the powersupply is recharging the battery, the LED turns off when laptop is powered up.

Anyone know how to fix this so that the power supply is recharging the battery and running the laptop while it's on?

Thanks in advance,


I have tested the load on the power supply, everything is fine there.

I am now able to empty the battery, from full charge to zero, in 40 minutes, running virus scan and defrag.

But I am still trying to figure out why the laptop stops using the power supply when it is powered up, it will only run on battery, when powered up and running. Power supply charges up battery when laptop is shut down.

I do know that I need a new battery if it is getting killed in 40 minutes.

Anyone might be able to shed some light on this for me?

Thanks in advance,

I dont know, on my old thosiba laptop, my battery went bad fast and the power supply went bad had to buy one on ebay for 26 bucks. But you prob seem diffrent, not charging when power is on, kind fo weird, but ill look into it.
its a known problem, i fix it at work. crack the laptop open and get the motherboard out. solder the pins top and bottom of the board where the DC jack is. i think your model is 4 earth pins, 1 positive at the back. it charges as it doesnt use a lot of current when the laptops off, soon as you try to fire up it says no. this can also be when 1 of the earth pins has come loose and burnt the solder away. at worst its a £10 part. pm me is you need help getting a jack if yours isnt solderable.
this used to happen on my old toshiba A70, was a dam pain. it didn't do it everytime, only about 4 times a week. normally a powerdown would fix it so that the battery started charging.
Thanks for all your help guys,

I am going to get that laptop back next week. I will crack it open when I do get it back. I do have a proper soldering iron as well.

Thanks again, and I will PM you Gonzo if I have more questions....

Ha, I was going to post this sometime today, you read my mind!!!!

I just fixed it last night, super easy, like you said.

I even laid more solder on the other 3 contacts, looks like they were ready to come apart too! I had one cracked pin.

Thanks a million for your help, really, really appreciate it, Gonzo

nice one, if your charging, it runs between £100-£150 at our shop for that service !
half the price of a new board install :dead:
Many a laptop that I have worked on has had problems with the DC jack, most of them because the cable got pulled tight as the owner would lie down, causing the plug on the motherboard to eventually break.

Ive had to fix a few of these, and really, I don't understand why they are not made more sturdy.
i think it comes down to causing minimal damage to the rest of the laptop, they are crap mountings, even the USB have better contact !

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