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    Should people be tortured in certain situations...

    Suppose that hypothetically, a terrorist plants a bomb in downtown Chicago. Suppose further that the terrorist was caught before the bomb exploded. Should we torture this man in order to save the 1000 something lives that the bomb he planted will kill? Would you sacrifice one life to save thousands?

    If you choose yes, should we have special government officials conducting the torture? Or should any polilceman etc, be able to? If so... isn't there a chance that they will develop certain complexes and go home and use their work against their family? Very much like military kids are raised in a more strict enviroment.
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    as long as they got the information i would turn a blind eye to what ever they did.
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    One needs to use any ways or means they can on a terrorist to get the information out of them - so the bomb can be located and diffused.

    Then (and I don't care who does it - but if they ask for volunteers I'll be in the front of the line) kill the terrorist.

    I, nor do I think anyone else will have a complex afterwards - I would actually feel a great sense of accomplishment and my chest would swell with pride as there is one less terrorist and I did him/her in!

    As for military kids being raised in a more strict environment - I see nothing wrong with my two daughters!

    Now why the hard line you may ask?

    In my opinion, when one decides to call themselves a terrorist and do things that a terorrist does they give up any and all rights they have to anything - except of course - death!!
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    I'd say a big NO. The scenario you display is very clear and nicely painted. But reality, as we know, is never black and white.

    - Who draws the line?
    - How sure are we that we have "the right guy"? He may be innocent or at least not have the knowledge we seek.
    - What's there to say it won't be missused? (It WILL be)

    The idea that it is ok to break national and international laws and conventions just because "we need to" is just plain stupid. Who decides what is right? Who has the right to take that decission? Common sense? Politicians? Military? I hope not!

    The "all means necessary" may be applicable in the above scenario, but as I said, hardly in reality. Sure people would look between the fingers and walk the other way about it, but that doesn't make it ok in any way.

    The idea and conventions about torture being something no decent country should have anything to do with is there for a reason. There is nothing to guarrantee that an exception will not be missused and used on innocent people. It's more or less guarranteed that it will.

    That is my opinion in short. Feel free to discuss it.
  5. Friend of Bill

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    Sodium Pentothal/Amytal has been known to do "the job" in a "gentle" manner.:D
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    The main question still remains... black-syth what you planning dude? :p

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    Maybe you don't, but how can you be so sure you aren't kinda hard on them? Maybe harder than if you weren't a military father.

    -Shifts Eyes Suspiciously-


    On a serious note, if i was planning something... why would i go to these forums to get your opinion on torture? After all, all of us at these forums know that the public's view isn't necessarily the same as the governments.
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    as you should know by now... the definition of a terrorist is not clearly defined in the united states of america :)

    if and when there is equal justice for all individuals in our so called bastion of freedom and tolerance and whatever pretty words are used... perhaps then some measures may be sought... but @ such a time as this when we still differentiate to the extent that we do between peoples of one ethnicity and another even though they are BOTH technically commiting terroist acts... there is no place to have a special office for this...

    btw I dont think military family kids are much different than civilian family kids... :) certainly don't think they develop complexes...

    my gf happens to be the daughter of a marine and the sister of a former marine/current cop... nothing I can tell wrong with her.. cept she refuses to date service men ?

    go figure :)
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    Is this sold by the pint? Where do I obtain such a beverage? This could unlock the vast area of my brain that IQ tests seem to bypass and why?

    Any terrorist who places a small Nuke in your vicinity will set it detonate in five seconds. The likelihood of any sort of interview being available is nil.

    The people who organise these sorts of “events” never know where the device will be placed or who is planting it. That’s the nature of the operation.

    So you can “interview” who you like you will find nothing of any use. The only way to circumvent this type of operation is “intelligence gathering and infiltration” over many months and years.

    :eek: :eek: :eek: