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Hello every one

I am having the following issue. I hapen to receive this desktop computer, it seems like it was asembled by either some private individuals or one of those cheap companies. It has an Amptron motehrboard and a Turbolink power suply with a "support for Pentium 4" sticker on it. It has two (one large one small apearntly for reset) soft switch buttons in the front and one black switch on the back apears to be attached to a powersuply. None of the switches power up the system. I opened the tower and all the wires from the softswitches are attached correctly, I double checked with a flashlight. I did a routine troubleshooting - removed all components except the CPU and tryed it with RAM and without - no luck, dead.

What other troubleshooting steps I should take before concluding that the power suply needs to be replaced? Could it be the Switch itself? Or anything else?

Thank you for your time.



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Make sure the PSU is on 112 and not 230 :p, had that happen to me...took me forever to fix it *slaps forhead*
zeke_mo said:
Make sure the PSU is on 112 and not 230 :p, had that happen to me...took me forever to fix it *slaps forhead*
Only if he has 115V mains! ;)

If you turn on the PSU switch and the use the power switch (which I hope is connected correctly to the mobo) and nothing happens, then yes, it's quite likely the PSU. Might just be the fuse, might be worse.
I have a P2 Dell Demntion that has some harware issue with Windows but boots into Linux ... but it powers up. I plugged the PSU from the dell into the Motherboard in queastion and nothing happened either - dead. But what is weird is that I also tried pluging the PSU form the 1st computer into Dell's MoBo and it did not power up, although it started to show some form of life - when i switched the black switch into ON position it started making peeping sound but the Dell did not power up when i pressed the power button.

Does that mean that the first computer has a PSU and a Mother board problem? lol

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