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Too much RAM for WinXP?

Is it possible to give WinXP too much RAM so it becomes unstable? I tried to give it 1.5 GB (all sticks brand new), and I keep getting blue stop screens, usually stop codes 8E or 0A, but somtimes other, after only a few minutes of uptime. I've taken one stick out now and currently have 1 GB installed, and it's been as stable as it used to be when I only had the old 256 MB stick in on it's own.

Also, could I disable the page file safely and let Windows run completely run off the RAM? I tried that when I had the 1.5 GB installed, but since it was so unstable anyway, I couldn't really conclude anything (other than corrupting my windows partition beyond repair and requiring a full reinstall -_-). i know someone who's managed it with 320 MB and had no problems.

And is there some setting I need to change so it'll be fine with 1.5 GB installed again?

Thanks :p


You might want to check into some forums on your motherboard. There are some issues with double sided RAM and single sided RAM. Don't quote me on this as I read this on a fourm somewhere a long time ago and I might not be using the correct terminology for what I am stating. But from what you have said I am willing to bet money this has something to do with it. Just do a search on some hardware fourms for your motherboard and I'm sure you will find the info. I would, I just don't feel like it...sorry.


My guess and that is what it is would be the issue is more likely with the mother board rather than the OS. Many boards have issues with too much ram or like my Dragon + if all the slots are filled.
Make sure you board supports that much RAM. And also; I heard that the most XP Home supports; is one Gigabyte. I have tryed 1.5GB on my board; and Windows runs fine.

Also; I turned off the page file before; and I don't remember too much performace difference...

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