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Too many e-mails?

I *think* that im getting to many e-mails for threads im subscribed too.

As far as i understand it im only supposed to get an e-mail if there has been another post in a thread, and then no more unless i revisit that thread and then i should get another if there has been another post.

But i think im getting at least 2 e-mails notifing me of new thread activity before i revisit it.

Im not bothered, but if this is happening this may reduce server load if its fixed.

Anyone else noticed this?


I may actually be insane.
You get an e-mail.
That's it until you visit the site again.

IF you're on the site for about an hour and there are 5 replies to a thread you're subscribed to, regardless of you viewing the thread, you will receive 5 e-mails.
That's my understanding of how it works anyhow. :)
Ohhhh yeah - im looking forward to it very much.

I hope it still has all the dark humor of the first one, but TBH im not sure how this one is gonna pan out. Given the fact that the first one was so different from what you would normally expect from a movie.

I don't know if they can recreate the same level of shock / wonder again.

Be fun finding out though. :D

BTW we may have to wait a lot longer accordign to the latest news...

"British DVD release (estimated): July 2004"



I may actually be insane.
Depends if there's any remote chance of the Japanese release having English subs as to when I get it, if it does I'm importing the lil bugger the day it's out :D probably won't happen though :(

and linked collars! genius! :D

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