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Too funny not to post


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I posted this in the IRC ops channel but for those of you not there...read and laugh away. http://www.msbetas.net/news/news_item.asp?NewsID=82 (This was originally posted on Tech-Critic but they have since taken the link down. I copy/pasted just in case it's take down again)

For all you "n00bs" ( no offense :p ), I will explain the story behind this amazing claim. Most of the Microsoft apps and OS's were previously leaked by Winbeta.

Now, what most of you probobly also know is that the guy in charge of these leaks is Bunnios - he obtains most of the software for Winbeta. And what was belived up to this day was that Bunnios had a "source" inside microsoft that would slip him software, and give him the go-ahead to leak it - and he would do so.

But, this story isnt really true. Bunnios, AKA Gregory ******* (as some of you know him ), lives in the UK, and yes , he does leak the software - I'm not arguing this.

However, what you didnt know is that he doesnt have a "source" inside MS, he IS the source. Now, that doesnt sound all that exciting, I know. But he isnt a coder, no; he is paid by Microsoft to leak software...

Why you ask? Thats crazy, right? Well not really, think about it. is it cheaper for Microsoft to pay 100 geeks to test an alpha of an operating system, or is it cheaper to pay one man a small sum of money, to give the software to a bunch of IRC'ers, and let them test it? They complain about the bugs in the channel, and then have Bunnios report them back to MS. It's free testing for Microsoft. (the "free testing" ideal is widely believed to be true, but I cannot verify Bunnios' occupation at MS - BOFH)

I know this is big news, and im not sure what will happen to me now that I have posted this... we will see. (Nothing, just don't do it again - BOFH)

Anyway back to my story, Bunnios: AKA Greggory *****, AKA Greggory ****, AKA Toby Salazaar (removed, personal details shall remain so - BOFH) (I'm not saying any of these are his real name, because they're not) is paid by Microsoft to leak the software.

And the ONLY reason i can post this, is because they cant keep moving him from lab to lab, so, they have cut him off. Thus; no more Winbeta leaks... We will miss your releases. (or not - BOFH).

- These are not the views and opinions of MSBetas.net. The information displayed here is a theory created by a single member of our staff. This does not reflect on any form of mass belief at MSBetas.net.

In future, Chris, I'd appreciate it if you cleared posts like this through me first.

Tech-Critics (Ass Kissing) Apology: (No wonder MrWatchDawg is looking for news posters, and here I thought I was special when he asked me :D :p )

To the Winbeta.org Staff,

We the staff here at Tech-Critic.com has takened the time to Apologize to the Winbeta.org for our apologies of Csabo rude post about one of your members.

First hand, I would like to say that Csabo is gone from the Tech-Critic staff, First one who noticed it was Sim31, I didn’t really pay any attention to it until SIm31 Informed Me!, I was shocked to see his rude post about Bunnios, a trueley good friend to people at Tech-Critic until that was ruined by one of our “Idiot” staff, Csabo2, What we are trying to say is Me (MrWatchDawg) and the rest are very sorry for this post Csabo made regarding about Bunnios, we have takened actions on Csabo2 and we have removed him from his News Posting and permanently banned him from the site, we are truly sorry for any inconvience this may have caused to The staff, members and guest of Winbeta.org and especially Bunnios for Csabos Action that went to far on Bunnios himself, We hope you accept our Appology and we will start to take any preliminary actions on news posters who post any rude comments that may be about your site or staff or any others.

By the way all that stuff csabo2 mentioned in his post was not true! It was fake! He made that up jsut to get him name out! We are really sorry for his actions again

Our Apologies and Regards to Winbeta.org,

MrWatchDawg and the rest of the tech-critic Staff


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Heh, they are all sucking up and covering their ass so they might have a shot at getting their hands on another MS leak :p


Apology to Bunnios - Thursday, November 28, 2002 at 13:42 Posted by BOFH

Since the post made earlier today by csabo2, a lot of controversy has been caused over these claims made against Bunnios's character.

I have removed the post, and now feel necessary to apologise - in full - to Bunnios. Many of the statments made were false (or at least un-verified), and whether or not they were aimed as such, they detracted from his public image and tarnished his reputation.

I would like to make it clear that Bunnios, AKA Gregg, is one of the people that I respect the most on IRC and other digital communities, and have - in the past -spent countless hours working with him to prove and disprove rumours that have sprung up around news on the net.

I'm very disappointed that a post of "The Winbeta Story"'s nature appeared on my own site, especially when it was not cleared through me first. In my opinion, speculative posts about software and hardware is ok, but degrading and insulting posts against a person's character I do not find acceptable.

I apologise - once again - to Gregg and his associates, and urge everyone who might have read the previously posted article to discount the comments within. Gregg is a man of integrity, and I wish you all to continue to view him as so.

That's it.


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