Tony Blair To Quit, Hurray :)



I have heard less than 2 minutes ago that the worst priminister we ever had of the United Kingdom is going to quit on Wednesday :)

I won't bore you with slagging him off here as you have better things to do, just want you to share in my happyness (of course if it does happen) for a few moments.

I hope he takes his ugly wife and his Scottish ass back to Scotland, though I have heard he is going to the United States to start a political career there.

You poor people better pull up the draw bridge.


Blairs biographer was speaking, about 15 minutes ago, explaining he wants to go out on a high!
I think to myself that you should have done that 2 minutes after labour took overall control 7 years ago, then you would have saved us a lot of grief.
On anothe rpoint, I heard on talk sport at around 2 am this morning that community charge is going to increase 3-fold and those who have the really expensive homes could see bills of 6 and a half grand.,,30000-13159537,00.html


I did phone radio 5 live asking them to post it on their site, 0500 909 693 they have yet to lift up the phone.

I heard this an hour ago.


I just mailed five live and asked them to clarify it and post on their front page.

I have noticed that odds on him quitting very soon have tumbled from 14-1 (in places) to as low as 5/4 on (4/5), maybe an insider knows something we don't and is lining their pockets, very suspicious.


I have phoned, e-mailed other than raiding the studio I am getting no responses.

It's like no-one else picked this up, even sky news won't reply.

The headline clearly said, Blair due to quit this Wednesday, as reported by his biographer. Then they spoke to the biographer about it. I just mailed skynews again, hopefully a response by tea-time!

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