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tome raider angel of darkness


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I've been wandering if the new tome raider is out in the states yet(pc version)? It's still not out over here. If it is and anyone has it What do you think of it? Is it worth getting when It comes out over here?



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The shop where i work got it in on wednesday afternoon, I think the release date is today though but dont quote me.

Electronic Punk

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its out, but I guess you know that :)

btw, first impressions of the reviews I have read... piss poor.
I think the fact they just releaed a patch for it to add a missing shotgun sums up both the testing and evaluation of the golden product. Gonna make one of my colleagues at work buy it then give it a good 40 min workout.


Free to Fly
the concensus of opinion that has come my way is that the PC version is falling short of the PS2 version. From controls to as Punk said, the fact they missed objects out.

If you have the choice between PS2 and PC, then i would strongly suggest you opt for the PS2 version but thats just me.


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Originally posted by Chris
The shop where i work got it in on wednesday afternoon, I think the release date is today though but dont quote me.
haha!! i quoted you !!
I bough it a few days ago. Played all of ten minutes before shutting it down and havent started it since. It looks nice (lara especially) but what they did to the controls in the game are shameful! I tried both keyboard and a game pad and its just impossible to move correctly in the game. If you try it youll know what I mean. :(


ooohh... thinking of buying 1 (ps2)!
hmm... now need to consider and wait for all the review before buying it lol ;)


Originally posted by Electronic Punk
its out, but I guess you know that :)

btw, first impressions of the reviews I have read... piss poor.
couldnt agree more, worst game since superman 64!! :p


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Blast. It looks like this one is the down turn in the sereis that I've was expeting for the last two. Hope the learn from their mistake.


The game isn't honestly that bad. I bought it for the PC and have played it quite a bit. If I wasn't getting ready for a Ut2003 Tourny I would be playing it more but hey, gotta tune up the skillz.

Alright to the game, Yes the controlls will make you want to rip every key of your keyboard and thow it out the window. This after you've already trashed your monitor because you started banging on it with the keyboard. They suck...horribly. But if you make it through the first 15-20 min of playing the game you get used to them, and they're aren't that bad.

My biggest problem was graphics, no matter what I tried I couldn't get the game to run at a decent speed. So I turned off all the Pixelshader stuff and the game runs great. Yah they're are bugs, some bad ones. But If you look past those as well the game has some great sequences. Good puzzels and an interesting story. I suggest this.

If your patient, and I mean honest to god super duper patient. Then get the game and have fun with it. If not, expect to be yelling and banging things around because man this game needed another 2 years of development. Take it for what its worth.
Where is the patch available from? I can't find it anywhere.

Also the game in my opinion is average. Good graphics let down totally by the controls as mentioned before
Tech TV (formally ZDTV) said this game was terrible and that they'd rather play solitaire.

im glad, because my girlfriend is into the tomb raider and wanted to play the game, but after seeing that she was bummed out. (YAY! dont have to buy it!)

Electronic Punk

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Ok, I did play it, my mate at work bought it.
He played it for 5 minutes, let lara fall to her death lent it to me, I did the same. poooor. controls just don't feel right at all!

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