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Will work on Windows XP\Vista and I believe Windows 2000

I was trying to find a program that would allow me to hit a key on my keyboard and it would make all of my desktop icons disappear and if I hit the key again, they would reappear. So I could clean up my desktop quickly, or just hide the mess. I first started with my Logitech Setpoint features but that was useless. I did however stumble on this nice little file that made it a snap.


It does exactly what I need it to do. It doesn't run all the time, it just runs the icon elimination command and it's done. Run the program again and they are back. That's when Logitech Setpoint became useful again. I just set it up so Setpoint runs the program on a command key, and boom. No more icons.

I figured this might be nice for some of you who like a clean looking desktop but the 2 clicks it takes to hide your icons is a burden. :)

PS, I also found another program which hides the programs you're running in your start bar as well as your icons on your desktop which is another interesting feature. BUT this program does need to run all of the time, and you have to click on its icon in the system tray for the hide and unhide event to happen.


Oh, and if you would like to get rid of your task bar also, you can do that using this nice little one run exe file. It works well with setpoint as well.

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You're welcome. Not sure if anyone finds these useful or not, but I liked how they worked, so I figured maybe at least one other person would. :)
I'm currently using 1 and 3. That way, I can have a clean desktop, and I just have ObjectDock running at the top of the screen with nothing else around. Looks great.
cool, thanks

question: how can i use 1 & 3 with out Logitech Setpoint? or, if i have a wireless mouse that I don't use all the time, can I still use these?
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Are you saying that you want to incorporate these to a secondary mouse that you have connected to your computer?

As far as creating a hotkey on a basic non logitech keyboard, you can do a search on google for keyboard hotkey software, or if you want something free, you can try sourceforge.net.

Try this link for sourceforge, as it has a few programs which would basically allow you to setup any key as a hotkey for it. I would advise the F9 - F12 keys as hotkeys.


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