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i changed my case a while ago (since the PSU was dying and the air flow really sucked...) so, to save some of that loss, i removed the PSU's fan (a relatively big one at that). anyways, i decided to put that fan inside my case as well, so the air flow will be even more better. anyways, i wanna know, is it possible to connect the fan to the connnector shown in the image?

im showing the connector the fan has (both views) and the connector on my mobo.

ps: i looked at my mobo and the connector seems to fit in the mobo, but in the manual, it says that that connector is the "Internal MODEM wake-up".

is it possible for me to connect the fan?

thanks, Apu
No don't connect the fan there! Just because the connector is the same doesn't mean it's ok. Find out if the fan is 12 V or 5 V. If it's 12 V you could connect it to CHA FAN* (a.k.a System Fan) or PWR FAN* (a.k.a Power Fan) if you get a new connector for the cable. Also, make sure you know what you're doing.

*These connectors may be called FAN2 and FAN3 or something else, they're called CHA and PWR on my system.
Yeah I know a guy who put the Wake On LAN cable into the PWR FAN connector. *FRY*

He didn't know what he was doing either. ;)

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