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To have or not to have?! (RAID)


Long gone and now back!
I've decided to go for an Asus A7V333 motherboard, but with or without RAID? If someone could explain what exactly RAID is and how it work, I'd appreciate it!

I know that it is used for having several disks, but what are the pros and cons? I'm a regular home user (playing games, programming a little and some file-swapping) with need for a somewhat large storage. I have two hds now, but might go for more (which is impossible without RAID?)...

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!



hardware monkey
i think raid is always a worthwhile feature on a mobo. simply because otherwise the most amount of drives you'll be able to have will be 4. with a raid controller, you can have 8.

you can use the raid channels simply as extra ide channels... or you can set up an array with 2 or more harddrives hooked up to it. there is a striping array (raid 0) which is for performance... and a mirroring array (raid 1) which is for reliability.

i just woke up and don't feel like going itno detail right now, so someone else will be along shortly who will make sense of it all. }:>
If you want to add more disks soon I suggest you get a RAID board and use the RAID channels as normal IDE channels like taurus said. Using a RAID 0 or RAID 1 setup for additional storage is pretty pointless.

If you don't get the RAID board you'll have to get a PCI IDE controller card when you run out if IDE ports.

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