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titanic tales


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ok here goes,
one day a fisherman is fishing in the river when all of a sudden he catches a small salmon he is about to hit it over the head when the salmon says to him hey mister dont kill me if you let me go then i can get bigger ,just imagine the eating that you could get from me in say 3 years time,the fisherman thinks and says ok they stike up a conversation in which the fish tells him that his name is rusty and that he is going out to sea to get bigger but if the fisherman is in the same spot that he is in today exactly 3 years from now then rusty will hook himself on the fishermans line and get caught again.the fisherman agrees and lets rusty go.three years go by and the fisherman doesnt forget the promise sure enough 3 years later the fisherman is in the same spot and indeed catches rusty again, not believing his luck he is about to hit poor rusty over the head when rusty says "wait"im alot bigger now and now im famous too! how can you be famous says the fisherman.well says rusty in the 3 years that i've been away i've seen wonderful things ive seen the titanic ,it was so beautiful that i had to write several poems that became a best selling book ,perhaps you have read it says rusty. i dont think so says the fisherman,what was the book called,oh says rusty it was called the TITANIC VERSES OF SALMON RUSTY..............


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TITANIC VERSES OF SALMON RUSTY = The Satanic Verses of Salman Rushdie

cant see fish burning books though

:p :p :p


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I tried to catch a Salmon last week - I spent a whole day standing in a river and didn't see a single darned one!

Good joke though!!


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My hubby went salmon fishing last week for the first time ever, and caught a 25 pounder the first day and a 30 pounder the second, we just spent the whole weekend smoking it, IT IS SO GOOD, and I usually hate fish:p only thing is, the whole house smells like the smoker now!:D

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