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time for me to get some help :)


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all right, I have a compaq 5360 system, I Can't find the motherboard schematics anyplace...

if someone has access/link to the schematics... please post it as a reply..

reason for this is quite simple...

I have onboard SiS vid and it takes 4 megs of sys. memory, also it really hits the performance of my video card ( I have an ATi radeon)... how do I know this... well I plug my video card into my friends crummy computer and he gets 3 times the performance of my system...

I just need the jumper information to turn off the SiS graphics adaptor onboard :) cheers to anyone who can help..


F@H - Is it in you?
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compaq presario 5360, OLD K6-2 450 MHz processor, 320 megs onboard RAM, default Audio, radeon vid card, maxtor 7200 HDD...

o/s Win Xp Professional... will provide other info as requested :)



F@H - Is it in you?
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sorry for waiting so long...

I should have mentioned this a long time back :) yes I have checked the bios, there is no mention of the SiS adaptor in the bios and no options to turn off the same...

I have disabled the deviec in control panel but that does not mean that it will stop hogging system resources...

thats why I wanted the jumper information so I could get inside and turn off the adapter myself, and thereby get rid of the resource hog...

sorry for not mentioning that previously...



or anything with packard in it, Like Packard bell :)

Sorry i wasnt any help, had some sort of problems with a packard bell


I'd say tell me about it, but don't.

Did you know that most electronic Hospital equipment is made by either Packard bell or Hewlett Packard.

Scary thought aint it.


F@H - Is it in you?
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I know, I know, but I got the system cheap and I got it off a friend, when I knew jack-all about computers...

I just need this to run another month before I finish setting up my Asus A7V333 board with an 1800+ XP CPU and the other trimmings, can only afford the 512 meg clip of 2700 DDR, but trust me, once I finish... my current little device will be for girlfriend's use only :) she can check her mail with this...

still... any help with the motherboards schematics would be TREMENDOUS... thanks all...



F@H - Is it in you?
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well... I suppose I'll be flying to cuba to get my medical done then wot? :D thanks for sharing bout the packard bell/HP and hospital connection... I feel a lot more secure about my medical insurance and the products it gets me...

was wondering why it was cheap :)

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