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Thurrott: Vista Beta 2 (5381) to be a Public Preview...

In related news, Microsoft continues work on Windows Vista build 5381, which will be finalized as Beta 2 on May 22. Attendees of the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) will receive Windows Vista Beta 2 on DVD, while Microsoft plans on seeding the build to testers, other partners, and millions of consumers via a widely distributed Community Preview Program (CPP) in the following days. If you've been waiting for a chance to get your hands on Windows Vista, that day is finally coming.

Unfortunately, I have far too much on my plate this month to be able to attend WinHEC, so it looks like we won't be having any official OSNN coverage this year. A bunch of folks from Neowin are going to be there though, so hopefully we'll see some good stuff from their side. :)
A number of beta testers reported to me this morning that Microsoft has issued 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista build 5381.1, which is a preview of the Beta 2 version of Vista the company intends to ship later this month to millions of users worldwide. I first reported that Microsoft would ship a variant of build 5381 as Beta 2 earlier this week when rumors surfaced that the software giant would delay Vista further into 2007.

Windows users who are eager to test Windows Vista don't have much longer to wait: Microsoft will ship Beta 2 to millions of consumers sometime in late May. Currently, the company still plans to ship Beta 2 on May 22.

I think I'll probably just wait for WinHEC. If there are any changes between now and then, I don't want to have to rebuild twice. :D


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Is Beta 2 going to be a public release as well, or just to beta testers?

*shakes head*

Hard to keep everything straight with Vista these days :)
napalmnthemorning said:
Why would they put this build out now if they are putting out the final beta 2 in just over two weeks. Last minute tweaks from the testers?
Yeah. If Beta 2 is truly going to be a public preview, I imagine they'd want it to be as solid as possible. If there are any serious issues that slipped through, they can be caught, reported and fixed between now and the 22nd.


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How are public (non testers/CTP members) going to be able to get this? Do they have to sign up, or simply download when it's available?

I know a whole mess of people who would be interested.

Electronic Punk

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I am sure it will be available like any other trial OS on Microsoft's site has been.

Will be alot more bandwidth than before tho so it will be interesting if MS decide to do it that way.
Microsoft plans to release Beta 2 on DVD to attendees of the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) on May 23 along with Office 2007 Beta 2. Meanwhile, users who wish to obtain a DVD version of Windows Vista Beta 2 via the public Microsoft Web site will have to wait until May 27. Microsoft expects this version to eventually be delivered to millions of people. [...]

As for build 5381, Microsoft had iterated through a number of point releases for that version--5381.5 by last weekend--and finally gave up and moved on to later builds. Last weekend, Microsoft shipped build 5382 internally, and it expects to ship build 5383 early next week. Now I'm told that a build 5383 variant (perhaps 5383.5) will likely be declared as Beta 2 sometime late next week. Concurrently, Microsoft is working on post-Beta 2 (or release candidate 1, RC1) builds of Vista as well. Those builds are in the 542x range, my sources say.


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napalmnthemorning said:

I'll throw in $5.00 for the plane ticket if you get me a autograph of Jim Alchin. :) I like that guy.
Excellent! Now I only need a few hundered people to donate and I'm set :rolleyes:


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I received this e-mail just a bit earlier :)

Dear Longhorn / Windows Vista Beta Tester,

If you wish to receive physical media for Beta 2, please ensure you complete the following survey.

· If you choose to opt out of receiving physical media for all milestones, you have the option to enter your name into a drawing for a free trip to the Windows Vista launch event!

· All media packaged in the physical kits will be available via download on Connect.

· If you request media, you may still download while waiting for your kit, but you will not be eligible for the Vista launch drawing.


Longhorn / Windows Vista Beta Team

Anyone who is a "tester" got this e-mail, and those who aren't won't be able to access it, so I have removed the link.

Option is to download and/or request media :)

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