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Evil Marge

I Rule
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:confused: Does anyone have any idea why I keep finding Thumb Data Base Files in my folders?I'm still quite new to this computer thing and always worry that there is something wrong.PS at the time of writing this I have just found another one that has just this minute appeared (12.05) Please help...


i think winxp , by default caches thumbnails which is what the thumb.db files your seeing in your folders are

if you open any folder , go to the tools menu and select folder options , then go to the view tab , you'll see one of the options is "do not cache thumbnails" , make sure it's ticked and that should fix it . any thumbs.db files already created will still be there , you can delete them

Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
:D Thanks for that Skid.When I try to delete them it says"If you remove this file your computer or one of your programs may no longer work correctly.Are you sure you move it to the recycle bin? Why????? Sorry to be a pest!!!!!!!! ;) ;)


skwowwy's right . it's just microsoft being themselves :)
the files your trying to delete are probably in your windows folder or in program files , both of which are sort of protected that way

sometimes for good reason :)

if ever in doubt about deleting a file , you can always try just moving it to another folder you create , if anything goes wrong ,
you can move it back

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