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Thrillseekers hiJack-son train

Evil Marge

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Have a look :laugh:

THIS is the moment a group of Thrill seekers hiJack-son a London tube train.

Passengers were left open-mouthed when a group of commuters - including a suited man - got up from their seats and performed the dance featured in Michael Jackson's music video for hit Thriller.

The bemused London Underground travellers clapped as the straight-faced group sat down once they had finished.
It's Close To Midnight And Something Evil's Lurking On The Train


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that is cool. but What has happened to these people using thriller? the wedding deal was cool, but I think people who want to pull off these stunts should find a more original idea. :rolleyes: or at least a new song :)

anyway reps to you oh evil one....for providing entertainment for the masses

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