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threat of ban



i recieved a warning today with the threat of being banned for supposedly(forget the actual wording as i deleted PM) trading XP CD keys ...i never posted any CD keys so i am at a loss as to why i recieved this veiled threat???

Shamus MacNoob

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Well I saw the so called thread and all I see is people finding friends and adding them to their messenger ...... I mean sure you could IMAGINE anything but I dont see any cd keys either


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Burpster, please PM the mod that contacted you. We prefer to keep this type of stuff between the mod and the member. This way a flame war doesn't start.

If you're unsure which mod it was, PM me and I'll let ya know :)


its only fun
Originally posted by Burpster
i recieved a warning today with the threat of being banned for supposedly(forget the actual wording as i deleted PM) trading XP CD keys ...i never posted any CD keys so i am at a loss as to why i recieved this veiled threat???
I read the thread you are talking about :huh:

I dont think the forum is the place to discuss the pm you recieved from the Admin/Mods.......you will get a more sympathetic ear if you pm the Admin/Mod who sent you the pm.

I'm sure they will see your side of it :)



well its hard to do in private as i dont have access to the original post!!

my reason for putting this in the open was that maybe the mod could show me where i posted such a thing!!

i have no intention of flaming anyone ...


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Originally posted by Burpster

i have no intention of flaming anyone ...
I wasn't referring to you starting a flame war, my concern was with other members.
The mod that moved the thread and PM'd you will see this and reply either here or by PM.
Jewelzz, just saw your new Sig, I am trying to decide if that is worse than the last one which wasnt too bad, but EPs head on a womans body just int right.

I also have the firehose ready for any flames which sprout.
Just overall, some moderators should calm down.

Just because you make a hint at something, or use interesting wording, doesn't mean you're doing something wrong.

If this was such a rule intensive site, then all spam like posts, irrelvant things, etc, should be ruled out and deleted.

I know you're going to tell me, " In Private "

No, that's allright.

Hey, let's not ban Burpster allright? That's not cool.


gesus tap dancing christ... wtf is with this guy... thread moved because burpsters an a$$hole!!!


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I personally don't think this thread should have been moved. I think it should have been closed and the member PM'd again with an explaination as to why it was closed.

But hey, you did what you thought was best and if asked in the forums, I'll back you up :)


I may actually be insane.
This thread shouldnt have been moved.
I do think that Burpster needs a temp ban or a good kicking (either will suffice ^_^ ) as he's always dropping hints around various posts about using/obtaining illegal software.

Personally i reckon a temp ban on the next time he breaks the guidelines is a definate. I wouldn't want a permenant ban because he's a fairly active member and does contribute good advice/opinions sometimes, it's not like he's constantly being an idiot.

Just meh opinion :)


well I PM'd him after I moved this thread and heres the whole jist of it...
-------------------------------My PM To Him----------------------------

If you have a problem with me then you deal with me... I showed you respect by not making it public. I expect the same.
Above you will see the quote I had in question. In the context of the whole thread youd understand why I send the PM's I did. You werent the only one so dont act like you're all innocent.
Re: Quote
you have to be joking!! ...the fact i ask someone to add me to their MSN is cause for a warning??

well i'm an out in the open kinda guy ... you had my respect til a few hours ago

do you have some sort of inside info on what i talk about on MSN?? context?? do you have some secret powers i dont have??

you still havent shown where i posted a CD key and infact i didnt give out a key over MSN ...not that its any of your buisness


PseudoKiller wrote on 22nd January 2003 15:56:
does anyone own a legal copy of XP ....lol

smokingweed do you have msn messenger?? if so look me up



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