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i've got a amd64 3200+ 1500 ram 400mhz nforce4 motherboard and a reserator plus 1 water cooler everthing is cooled by fans or heatsinks on everything. i've had great advice about overclocking form other members and it has helped.. but instead of using prime95, super pi, cpu-z. i still find that the overclocking software that came with the motherboard works better. i tryed the whole lowering mem timings to 166mhz and muiltiply to times 9x and i got the cpu to 2.5 ghz but when i reverted the mem back to 200mhz (400ddr) it all fell apart and crashed with beebs so after clearing cmos everythings back to normal, well almost for some reason cpu-z crashs my pc??? by using the motherboard overclocking software i get 2.182ghz with the mem clocked at 436mhz (2.5,3,3,7) the benchmark churns out 160 from a baseline of 130 but that all i can really get. for some reason nvidia ntune says that my mem is only 64bit and that 128bit will increase performance. is this something i could change with software or would i need to change the mem sticks.

is there anything else i could do to get more performance?