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This printer problem has to be a no brainer!


I was printing a document (jokes - not porn pics) and my printer flat quit on me - not only quit printing - but shut off (as in powered down). Like it has not turned on since then!

I went thru all the troubleshooting - not too difficult since I can't get past the step that tells ya to turn on the printer.

According to the Canon website - it tells me to make sure the power connector on the back of the printer is secure and to make sure it is plugged into a "known good outlet" - both of which I have checked about 25 times and still can not switch on the printer!

Then per Canon - I need to find a repair facility - or do an exchange - like there are no other options!

Sounds flakey to me - sorta like - congrats - it blew up?

Comments please!


hardware monkey
does your printer have an external power supply? meaning, a a box in between the wall and the printer that gets warm? if it has one, it mighta blown. in which case, you could just replace it. you just have to find another transformer with the same output voltage and has at least as many max watts as your current one. all these things are printed on the transformer itself.

but if you don't have one and the power cord goes straight into your printer... it's gotta be fix or replaced, bud. }:>
Is it possible to check whether power is running through the cable between the plug socket and the end that goes in the printer with an electric screwdriver...just to rule the cable out...as i once had a faulty cable the fuse was ok but the no power at other end.

If its under 12months old you should be able to exchange it from whom you bought it off.

If over ...well may be cheaper to buy a new printer.


good idea taurus - but nah - no transformer!

Bad thing is I can't even try another cable as I do not have another of the same type to try - it's not your normal power cable - the end going to the printer is like two nipples with holes (excuse me girls) :eek: :eek: It reminds me of the cables that plug into the sound system on airplanes!


hardware monkey
you can check if current is reaching the nipple end with a voltage tester... or for a fun time, use both ends of a paper clip. }:>

*i am not liable for harm caused by actions described in this or any post.


hardware monkey
well, i didn't expect him to have a pointy forked tongue to get in the holes at the end... but if he happens to, then yeah.. even more fun. }:p


Secret Goat Fetish
Political User
which printer? mono/colour? ppm? it may b just as easy 2 get a new faster printer. for a laser i'd sugest a hp for a mono/colour i'd sugest a lexmark- VERY fast + reliable as well as being cheap:p


tarus - I was going to do the paper clip test - but wasn't sure which was the positive end of the paper clip.

hipster - same problem - after slitting my tongue so it was forked so I could use it to test the voltage, I was worried about the polarity.

Then after thinking about it - I guess it doesn't matter as it is 125 VAC and as long as I do not ground myself - I should be okay!

henyman - not planning on having to replace the printer- it's a 9 month old Canon S630 Color Bubble Jet that I am very satisfied with - both the quality and speed of printing both text and photos/graphics! It is still under the 1 year warranty also - so I'm hoping to find an authorized repair center closer to here than the one I have located in Mobile - about 100 miles from here!

I'll go ahead and try the paper clip and the forked tongue and let ya'll know how things turn out!:(


henyman - I intend to - but am trying to find an authorized repair facility closer than 100 miles away.

Don't worry - if i can get it fixed (or exchanged) free I intend to do so.

Just a little more info - after looking at the printer really close - there is an "ac adapter" that is about 2 1/2 inches deep and about 10 inches long by 1 1/2 inches high on the back side of the printer that the AC cord plugs into. I would be willing to bet money that's the culprit - although I do want to mess with it as I want to keep the warranty intact!

Still waiting on a response from Canon as to a closer Service Center.


hardware monkey
that power supply transformer thingie should be able to detach from the printer. unless there's a sticker that needs to be broken in order for you to take it off, taking it off shouldn't void any warranty. see if it simply un-clips or something then test the two contacts that plug into the actual printer.

err... this is assuming there are only 2 contacts, that the ouptut is rated on the power supply, and that you have a voltage tester. if none of the 3 are true, then disregard this post. }:\


Just as a matter of update - I got the printer back today! Working just like new.

I had to go the 100 miles to Mobile to the authorized repair facility and they had to replace the "power supply" (which was labeled ac adapter as I posted before). It took them two minutes to troubleshoot it and two minutes to replace the "power supply" and another 15 minutes to ops check it - of course it took 7 days for Canon to get them the part - with Thanksgiving inlcuded in there I guess that wasn't too bad!

The price was right - "covered under warranty":D :D

SO I guess I can give Canon an atta boy on this one!

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