this picture will just make you think.


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having respect for them wont stop them from biting if you look enticing though

realistically though, they are awesome creatures, but I particularly find the reef sharks cooler than others like the Great White


I'm sorry Hal...
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I think i new a girl like that once...all teeth *cough* :cool:

ShepsCrook said:
Sharks are absolutely amazing. That's why Jaws is one of my favorite movies ever made.
Jaws and sharks have almost nothing in common :)


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Jaws and sharks have almost nothing in common
very true all jaws has done is made sharks into "demons". they really are magnificant animals. you have a better chance of getting killed by a bee sting than a shark bite.


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tdinc said:
here's a tic-tac, have as many as you like :D

who says sharks can't jump.........
Thats the way Great Whites hunt, they sense you, then they swim up from about 30m down, pop you out of the water and then either grab you in the air, or they get you when you are stunned, shocked and disoriented.
This is the way they typically attack seals

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