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This pic express my feeling bout [pita]


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Originally posted by 03bigMark03
Hiya. This pic could be a bit rude if so sorry about that any young guys.

Basically [pita] on ntfs chat room is really starting to annoy me with his commands. I could just ignore him but x-chat is a pain with that.

I think we should kill this bot.

Sorry big pick and some bad language cause i was annoyed buy this after a days work.

[edit]Removed... contained swearing[/edit]


[PITA] is of the female gender :)


Also since you do have the option to ignore her I would appreciate you not coming into #ntfs and asking everyone to come over to your channel. :p


I may actually be insane.
depends on your client, some have varying levels of ignore.

X-Chat (the client he's using) will require
/ignore host ALL :)


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this is one of those tought ****e situations:p

[pita] will no doubt stay no matter what so we can continue to entertain ourselves by poking her + making random comments ;)

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