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this movie looks like it will be COOOL!


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Ahh..it kinda looks cool....

....'cause I sometime's dream of armagedon.


It's just fun to think of the "What if's".


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so long as most of the movie is dedicated to the actual day after tomorrow rather than just the hurricanes and crap...

I am sure it can be an interesting survival tale :)

armageddon had many tear jerker moments but on the whole was a decent flick... served its purpose if a little far-fatched :cool:

hopefully this one will also be entertaining :)
I just saw this preview yesterday when I went to go see "Master and Commander". The preview was very cool on the big screen, and as long as it does not turn into zombie mayhem like “28 days later”, it could be a very interesting movie. From this preview however it’s hard to say what the movie is actually going to be like.


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Well If anyone wants a wallpaper from the opening image from the "Official Web Site"'s Flash thingy, I have made one and it's attached.

Originally posted by gonaads
Hope this movie actually has some substance.
me too... nothing like taking a good idea and crapping all over it by not having the body to keep the movie up

does look pretty good, hopefully wont be a let down :(

:p :p


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I think the first part of the film is about the disaster, the rest is about surviving after it from what I can tell...

The idea of a "giant superstorm" threatening mankind is interesting, but we are more likely to wipe each other out or be hit by a giant meteor or die due to skin raditation or floods than a "superstorm".

Still, this method of extinction hasn't been movised yet and looks much better than the norm disaster movie.


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Oh man... it's NOT out yet?!?!?!??!
I saw the trailers for it months ago, maybe even before xmas. Thought it was out then, but couldn't find the movie. lol :p
Everytime i see the trailer it keeps reminding me to find a copy of "The Day After" which was a 1983(4?) movie with Steve Guttenberg about a nuclear war and the aftermath.

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