This is quite funny

funky dredd

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I saw this one my local newspapers web sit!

Angry Web Surfer Barbecues Slow Modem
Wife Says Man Has History Of Violence With Slow Dial-Up Connections

POSTED: 10:18 a.m. EST November 8, 2002

JANESVILLE, Wis. -- It may be a case of Web rage.

Police in Janesville, Wis., responded to a smoke complaint around 1 a.m. Tuesday and found a man barbecuing his computer modem.
The 39-year-old man told police the modem was operating too slowly, and he decided grilling it might make it dial up faster.
The man's wife told police that this wasn't the first time her husband got upset with a slow modem and that he has smashed them or tossed them out the door before.
Police doused the coals with water and told the man's wife to make sure he went to bed.

No one was injured, but police said the modem was a total loss.

I guess this guy has never heard of highspeed access!! :D

Nick M

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lol. If this isn't a joke; this dude's crazy. If he was barbecuing it; then that meant he wanted to eat it; right?

funky dredd

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I don't know about eating it, might be a little hard to chew! Not to mention getting a cap stuck in your teeth might be painfull. This was actually posted on their website under weird news!

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