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Things you see at Walmart


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Well not so funny, but

What I was actually looking for (there was a time over a decade ago I worked at a grocery store), was someone caught on tape eating the merchandise, then quitely putting the package to the back of the shelf
My wife and I usually make fun of the clientele when we're there but after seeing these pictures our opinion of the local Walmart has gone way up.

Excuse me, I need to go heave now. :eek:


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Considering the salaries and compensation they have to work for :laugh: South Park hit it right on the head :D

The pic I provided though :eek: Was of them putting new UPC labels on a product that had formerly been recalled. However the manufactuerer latter argued that some packages with the old UPC weren't part of it and people wanted to sell it anyhow, etc, etc, etc. The story it was in, was of a family who fed it to their cat, who got sick and had to go to the vets, after inspecting the package and finding said UPC label over the old UPC that was recalled...


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I look at the site regularly , it is makes me laugh because of how true it is. The only thing is that it doesn't have the women going in the store at night with bathrobes, slippers, and curlers in their hair.


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What that site needs to do is get some pics of people going to wal*mart and spending their income tax money. If you want to see some interesting things, check then. They would make some of the stuff there look like nothing.

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