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Things to do when bored


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ZeroHour said:
:laugh: lol
must be some rep in this ;)
If someone is that bored, they should upgrade the Windows 2000 PC (you can see the screensaver that it's Win2k) to Windows XP :)


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The boss hates the edges on the old dot printers. So me and another guy saved up a big bag full and dumped it all over in his car.

That was kinda fun.

I still prefer to use things like the system internals screen saver, makes them think that the system has crashed, or using a screen shot to keep them busy for a while.
Cool shots! For some strange reason I have been bored for weeks. Unfortunatly for me, I lack a lot in creativity. After looking at the pictures the wheels are slowly turning in my head.

Rep for the motivation!

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