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Theonion.com .. Who saw this site ??


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I had to go to this site for a college project and find something that upsets me, print it, out and take it with me tomorrow so I can share it with the class. All I found were things that made me laugh. I find a lot of it very amusing lol ..


Check it out, see what you think. It is a funny site lol.


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I thought The Onion was pretty well known :ermm:

Hilarious newspaper though. I should start going to the site more often ;)

Son Goku

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Johnny said:
I had to go to this site for a college project and find something that upsets me, print it, out and take it with me tomorrow so I can share it with the class.
Umm, a school project, with this site in the specific? I thought it was more of a joke site then anything else, and as such I could imagine many a school paper of "teacher has no sense of humor" :laugh:

I wonder what will be next... Watch an Eddie Murphey movie for some scene that upsets one? Umm, not sure I wanna ask about this one...

If you can avoid getting caught (wouldn't want to get into trouble), you could always do a living demonstration by going to a novelty store, and buy a whoopi cushion. Then sureptisiously put it on her chair before she comes to class some day :D


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Man you guys are harsh. If it is so old, why didn't anyone here tell me about it?? lol.

My professor was on this lesson about how the articles over the pond about Mohammad were upsetting the radicals. So he had us go to this site and pick an article out that would do something similar to us. I am taking what he wanted us to do was see what it was like. It didn't work for me. I found them too funny.

Son Goku

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Perhaps, but the harshness isn't directed towards you :D

Man, I know how some, rather peculiar type assignments can get out there, and the students can get stuck... This one, well happened to a classmate of mine. When I was taking English 102 at UNM, the thing is the mid term composition and the portfolio (which counted for 50% of the semester grade) was graded by other people's teachers in the dept.

Unfortunately all didn't go well, as the teachers started flunking each other's students mid-terms, and from what our teacher said, talk amongst the faculty turned into

Oh yeah? You think you can give my students an F? Well 2 can play at that game. I'm flunking your whole class... Take that...
What a "wonderful" use of the grading power :eek: And here I thought it was supposed to be about teaching the students something, rather then trying to get revenge against other teachers :down:

Anyhow, our teacher passed out the compositions, so another student could go over the paper, and help the writer by giving some constructive feedback which would help them improve their writting. This after we were told what had happened...

The paper I had gotten back, had absolutely no grammatical marks on it whatsoever, no corrections on his English, and only 1 comment. The student who's paper I was going over with him, was written from more of a Darwinist perspective, and the only comment said:

Humans are not animals. You're opinions are wrong, I'm giving you an F
Not withstanding it was an opinion essay, and not a research paper, what he had written could have found support from a number of professors who worked over in the biology dept., which I had known as I was taking a number of biology classes at uni. She litterly flunked him, cause his paper wasn't written from a Creationist perspective, and therefore she didn't personally like his opinions in an opinion essay :eek:

I finally, after reviewing the thing, and her only comment, took the paper up to our own teacher, showed him, and was like "Umm, how am I supposed to help him with this? There is not 1 shred of constructive critisism by the teacher who graded this, on this entire paper. What's more, professors in this very university, despite her claims his opinions are wrong, would back up what he has written here... How am I supposed to help him, when this was the only feedback given?"

Umm, rofl Yeah, some teachers can get a little strange with their assignments, and in many cases (albeit that he could have challenged, as one shouldn't flunk students for an opinion essay, simply because it gives a non-Creationist slant to the topic), it's the sorta BS one just has to go through... The operative word is to hang in there, do the assignment that is required, and know that when it's done, you won't have to look back :D


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I found a couple of articles on there I am taking with me. It should be good. I'll le y'all know what happens ..

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