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I've downloaded StyleXP recently, and would like to use one of it's themes on another pc. Does anyone know where I can find the location of where the themes are stored?
Also, how would I apply msstyle files to a system in order to change the current theme to the new one?
1. The other computer will need the patch or StyleXP
2. They are located in %SystemRoot%(Usually Windows Directory)/Resources/Themes


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you mean the uxtheme patch?

I found the folder for it... copied it... but it's not working.
I know it's something to do with the patch file, but not sure what's wrong with it.
Try a diffrent one that uses a diffrent way like this 3 step method:
1. Run program to copy new dll to dllcache
2. Boot to Safe Mode command prompt only mode
3. Run these commands:
copy c:/windows/system32/uxtheme.dll c:/backup
copy c:/windows/system32/dllcache/uxtheme/dll c:/windows/system
and reboot the computer


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I just realised that the patch file creation date is not the same as the original one... does that affect it?

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