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One thing I like to do with different themes is to keep parts of them to have my customized desktop exactly the way I like it. Example: I love the colors of one theme, the fonts and icons from another, etc... With a program like Style XP, you can merge a few themes to create the look you like the most on your desktop.

Correct me if i'm wrong here, but with the patched DLL, you can only replace a whole theme with another whole theme (not only parts) right ?

A few months back, I had Style XP installed and just before it expired, I tried something really stupid, and didn't read the forum guildlines before making this post

/hides his head in shame

Since then, I uninstalled it completely. Lately, I tried to download a new version of StyleXP and install it to see what was new. The program installs fine, but it refuses to start because it says something like "an invalid key was found".

The weird thing is that even if my registry has been cleaned up manually to erase all trace of a previous installation (TGT, stylexp,etc.) it still tells me this. So I think there's a probably hidden key or file somewhere that tells stylexp this, but I never could find it.

If the patched DLL can switch only parts of a theme, fine, I'll use that, but does anyone know what causes stylexp not to run this time around (hidden reg key, a file, etc) ? Actually i'm curious to see what causes that...

Thanx for your help... no problem: Iceman out


always use a regcleaner after uninstall I'm a n00b too and didn't read the forum guildlines, but Iceman showed me the errors of my ways


No, no, no... the main point was to ask if it was possible to change only part of a theme with the patched DLL.

The other thing was just out of curiosity. :)
Originally posted by Jachyra
The other thing was just out of curiosity. :)
Curiosity killed the cat, strongly suggest you bone up on the forum guildlines.

let's have no more mention of cracking anything.

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